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Social Media

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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube and Co - as a company, it is no longer easy to keep track of social media. We develop exclusive content and build an emotional connection to the audience. Each project has a team of experts for social media marketing. You are a content manager, editor and ad manager on social networks.

Increase Brand awareness

Hardly anyone today does not use the social networks. This results in considerable reach and marketing potential. We use social media to position your brand in your target group and charge it emotionally.

Increase Sale

High quality traffic generates revenue as well. This is exactly what we achieve through acquisition, remarketing & retention campaigns. Based on the progress in the customer journey, we form data segments, which are then reflected in the target group approach. Thus, we reach the right user at the right time on the social media platforms.

Our strengths are used for you

Here are some of our strengths listed for you. We are transparent and honest, if something exceeds our competence, we also admit it. 


Why we are the perfect Partner

Social Media


With over 3.7 million users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Austria (as of April 2018). Because Facebook polls many personal traits, such as birthplace, age, gender, hobbies, job, schooling, etc., it is very useful for targeted marketing.


Advertising on Instagram is becoming more and more attractive. The figures in Austria show it: there were still 340,000 Instagram users in February 2016, there are already about 2 million in January 2019! The further increase in users is inevitable, making Instagram a rewarding advertising platform for you!

Social Media


WhatsApp will soon be showing ads! Because when Facebook bought WhatsApp, it was already clear that Facebook wants to make a profit and opens the Messenger for advertising. And since WhatsApp is an indispensable part of smartphones, your advertising will be unbelievably accessible to many users.

Social Media


Your advertising in Facebook Messenger. In Austria it is now possible - advertising is displayed in the messenger app! Imagine: The Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users, an almost endless potential of customers waiting to see exactly your advertising!

Social Media


Videos are playing an increasingly important role in social media. This also increases the importance of tools for editing, editing and publishing clips in social media marketing. But which video tool is right for your own needs?


The social network LinkedIn specializes in business relationships - establishing business contacts, looking for business partners, communicating with each other ... We support you in creating your profile and beyond!

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