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SEO Analyse

SEO analyzes

For an SEO analysis on the website, we first get a rough picture of the website by checking this website for the general technical requirements, the structure and the content. Generally important for the success of a website is the question of whether the goal of the website for the user is clearly clear. We will check this targeting of the website first.

Performance optimization for SEO

If you have to wait a long time for the desired page, you can quickly jump to the next website. Fast is the page nunmal not if the load times of the website are not optimized. And not only visitors but also the bots take this mistake to the website operator. If "crawling" (search and display) of the page takes too long, only part of the website can be indexed within the minimal time window.

SEO Performance Rocket
SEO Responsive Design


Responsive Webdesign provides an up-to-date technology that enables consistent display of content on a web page. Here, the layout of a website is designed so flexible that it provides a consistent user-friendliness on the computer desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Google estimates responsive web design so much that it plays a major role in the ranking in search queries and can help improve that.

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SEO texts

The right word, at the right time, in the right place - if you pay attention to it, you are basically doing everything right when creating SEO texts. This tip is short and sweet. Our SEO professionals still have a few tricks in store that will allow you to get good SEO texts.

SEO Analyse


Our SEO analysis documents the status quo of your website in every respect and takes the competition, the search engine marketing & optimization under the microscope.


Long-term viable SEO is based on many parameters. These should be fully incorporated and KPIs defined to ultimately develop a feasible strategy.

Technical SEO?

The term "technical SEO" summarizes all on page optimizations that are not related to the content. Technical SEO ensures that the content is easily understood by the search engines.

Full Support

Better well looked after than totally served. You operate an online shop or website and can not be found for relevant terms in the front positions of the search results? Do you have any doubts as to whether your site is optimally positioned for the search engines?


Continuous actions

SEO is to be understood as a continuous process whose success depends on continuity and regularity. We gladly accept this implementation as a reliable and experienced partner with sustainable support

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