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Are you looking for more leads, more sales and faster growth? You want to place new products in the market or increase your market share? We enable you to do this with the right marketing. The social networks developed in rapid speed from the marketing exotic to the absolute must of modern corporate communications. Instagram, Facebook & Co. are an important part of society today. If you use these tools correctly, the company goals will move much closer than expected.


In order to achieve the company's goals, the marketing manager develops strategies that are then implemented on the market through marketing instruments. A model for marketing tools are the 4 P's - Product, Price, Promotion, Place. These are put together by the company to an individual marketing mix.



Important for the success of the entire marketing activities of a company is the magic word: Integration. Integrative approach to implementing the marketing mix means that all internal and external measures are coordinated and so the resulting synergy effects can be used, so that the company can place optimally in the market and the customer is perceived as credible.

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Here are some of our strengths listed for you. We are transparent and honest, if something exceeds our competence, we also admit it. 

Email Marketing
Influencer/Video Marketing

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Influencer Marketing

Benefit from the reach and influence of Social Media Influencer. We create customized online campaigns for your business.

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That we also design websites in WordPress. Through our experience in setting up and managing a technical company, we know the challenges of industrial marketing in practice.



Advertising is still one of the oldest and most proven strategies in marketing. Whether online or offline advertising - we fulfill every wish.

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That we can optimally stage your company online and offline? We spice things up with photography and video productions.

Email Marketing

More subscribers, more openings and clicks. We support you in tracking, analyzing and optimizing your email marketing activities.

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That Creative Eagles is a full-service agency? That big and small companies are right for us?

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