Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

We offer you a professional service. From advice, graphics, layout to text and printing. Creative Eagles designs creative graphic elements for your need. We specialize in the design of advertising material. Our job is to bring the benefits of your business to your target audience through new graphic design.


Together with our network partners we offer you a professional service. Inspire your visitors with a web design that goes beyond a digital business card.

As a marketing agency we think from the beginning goal-oriented and advise you in your benefit.


Photo design

Fotodesign complements and completes your advertising appearance. Existing professional high-resolution photos are visually designed. Photo design is the creative exploration of photography. The completion is done by a graphic design software.

Our strengths are used for you

Here are some of our strengths listed for you. We are transparent and honest, if something exceeds our competence, we also admit it. 

Adobe Suite

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Logos, Icons & Pictograms

As a communication tool, logos, icons and pictograms are used. They serve as part of an interface that stimulates communication. Increase your recognition value. Equip your company with a clear logo.


A photo can only depict what already exists. Illustrator has the opportunity to completely customize the picture. It puts the focus on what is important. Only what is needed is shown. Represent this with meaningful graphic design.


Corporate Design/ Identity

Corporate design, as we understand it, has to deal with all three levels. Become your own brand. Present yourself with a uniform appearance.


Screen Design

For screen design we create layouts, specially designed for the presentation of content on monitors. Guide your visitors through entertaining graphic design through your website.

Photo series

Your appearance is our reputation. Natural yet creative photos with unique graphic design are in demand. Present your products in the form of a fancy photo series.



No matter whether you want to produce flyers, catalogs, letterheads, business cards, coupons, postcards or packaging for your company. We work together with selected printers and deliver the finished print products.

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